Helping women in STEM clear personal and career barriers

Coaching helped me to rekindle my love affair with my research career.
I now help other women working in the life sciences feel more joy and success
in their personal and professional lives.



If you're anything like me, you started out loving academic life, the process of experimental research and the thrill of scientific discovery. But with career progression, it gets more complicated. Maybe you've been overlooked for promotion or leadership roles? Maybe, work and family commitments begin to clash? Maybe friends mentors and champions begin to evaporate once you start competing with them for space, money and resources? Or, worst, maybe you're seeing your female colleagues 'leak from the pipeline'. These things sucked the joy out of it for me and then made me angry. But Anger and sadness aren't particularly useful emotions for driving change. So I've started to train as a coach. My mission is to help women in STEM recognise they have the strength to clear barriers in their personal and professional lives and to thrive in the process.



Melbourne, Australia

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