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RadioBOSS Advanced With Crack




ircd-seven-1.0.7-4.src.rpm find var/lib/ somewhere RoyK: find var/lib/? This one can't be good: Could not open lock file /var/cache/yum/lock - open (13: Permission denied) No, it can't. bryant: if you run rpm -qa | grep ircd-seven lordievader: do something else? :P RoyK: rpm -qa | grep ircd-seven-1.0.7 bryant: bingo :) now try rpm -e ircd-seven-1.0.7 I tried to do that. The I tried to remove the dir, and then remove the package with -f, but nothing I do will un-install. bryant: just rm -rf the dir ;) should that not un-install the rpm as well? To be fair I run it with sudo. bryant@bryant-Travel-Mate-6000:/var/lib/yum/install/7a32f255c03b8bcf38a23814c3ea827b47a9e0f5d1cd487ec52e8e0e6e0e6fc1$ rpm -qa | grep ircd-seven-1.0.7 ircd-seven-1.0.7-4.src.rpm bryant@bryant-Travel-Mate-6000:/var/lib/yum/install/7a32f255c03b8bcf38a23814c3ea827b47a9e0f5d1cd487ec52e8e0e6e0e6fc1$ sudo rpm -e ircd-seven-1.0.7 no output lordievader: I don't think it matters what did you use to install



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RadioBOSS Advanced With Crack

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